I am wondering
my mom
put pothholders
between the pots
in her
bottom kitchen cabinets.

Charlotte said:
"It was so the pots would not make noise!"
 Josephine Lipuma does TriBeCa NYC in 59 seconds
video still from thr film colorant
Josephine Lipuma exhibits her film, Colorant,
at the second screening of the 59 Seconds Film/Video Festival


Title of Film: Colorant

Date/ Director/Producer : 2005/Josephine Lipuma

Original Format/Viewing Format: Mini-dvd NTSC
Genre/Credits: Experimental Societal Short/

Josephine Lipuma/concept/editor
Sound Designer: Josephine Lipuma

Synopsis: Colorant is a short dealing with bias using color/shape/form & other beautiful metaphors. Bias comes in different forms. The filmmaker Josephine Lipuma confronts the inner bias in all of us. Through image processing/colorization/visual effects/sound & tight editing of public domain footage, she reconfigures, "Birth of a Nation", and other public domain footage. She guides the viewer from pretty into his or her own internal voice to confront bias.


hi everyone, I am back from silence.
It is hard not too explain the silence,
but maybe
it does not need
to be
it just was.

So now I will post again, sorry for the silence.

It was nice to be quiet, se'

timao to all:
Josephine Lipuma