it is friday morning abour 5:30 in the morning...

I have been editing video for my thesis.

I am exhibiting my work at Peter Jones Gallery
this saturday from 7-11.

It is now called Izzo/Jones Gallery,
Peter Jones has taken on a partner, Izzo.
The gallery is having a photo show, and my partner and I are
presenting two interactive pieces for the opening only.

My collobrative partner Connie Fillippelli and I are of like minds.

The Theatre of Love & Blood is about to begin...

It is long time for me since i have posted anything.

I have to say I am sorry to my blog sprite.

He or she or it is very angry at me.

I really can blame any of them,
can you blame them?

It is a long time for me since i have posted anything.

I know. I am repeating myself.

It is old age creeping up my legs.

I have been reading a lot lately for muse effects.

I am coming out of my data overload,
the spring semester.

:: intense it was

The goddess is dancing on my heart, fast then slow then not at all.

::leading me to opened doors


I am still

my subconcious spills forth


a new section

to problem solve

I have been working in MAX/msp & Jitter for my thesis.

The learning curve is steep,

it is like jumping off the world trade center

after it blew up.

Only to fall back to earth
in an upright position


all the elderbabe* parts flying in other directions

*steven s. once called me an elderbabe, but that was at least 6 years ago
so i wonder what I am now, an older elderbabe who forgets which part of her body did not land upright.

Breasts swaying up and down and around.

My ass dropping to the floor hitting the elderbabe underwear store.

The women in the store asks me. "Honey I don't think I have your two sizes here. But if you go to the shoe department maybe they can find a pair of shoes to fit and support those breasts of yours."

Now isn't that special?

If you know any elderguys,
let me know? ok?

bye for now: blogster

Josephine Lipuma all rights reserved 2004