Scene 2:

Will poserman #100000000000000 or
I can’t remember how many I have met;
stand up please?

I answered an ad from a dude in Elmhurst.
He was a couple of miles from me.
Good thinking pooky, local is good.

I don’t want a long distance relationship,
it builds illusions, been there, done that.
Pooky don’t do it.

So I give this man an answer to his calling out:
“Come and get me!”

He responds. But there is one problem,
he is living near the Artic circle!
His duty to the penguins
or something like that? So he saids.

Does this present a location problem?


nothing much to say, I am quiet...


Does anyone have a bed red rubber nose I can borrow?
Please advise!

jl pooky


Act one: *
The Clowns Roost On My Heart!
(boomer dating)

Scene one:

This is a picture of jl pooky
in repose having getting chased by
a clown on a coffee date at StarOffice.

He told me he had a big honker.

In front of me sat this HUGE red NOSER.

He said he was my soulmate, but he forgot to ask me
if he was mine. He said he could tell, so we needed
to close the deal tonight, or the laid-est the next day.
Come on, was I born with a clown hat on.

My poor mother!

I have refrained from speaking about the journey
of dating via the Internet. It is widely practiced by a
lot of boomer-aged individuals.

I wonder what they are seeking?

Do you think some of them want to relive their youth,
free love and rockin' roll, The Stones,
The Grateful Dead, and Alter States
It is not the movie!

We searching for it again (the connection, our beloved),
or I am searching? Do you think I am smelling fumes?

In the meanwhile, 20-30 year marriages, dust off. The dusting
off comes with kids, lost wealth, lost love, mistresses,
or for the women, an extra lover or two. All they were
trying to do is keep the marriage alive!

FOR WHO? The kids, the wealth, the inheritance, the land,
religious duty, and on and on, "illusionary fumes, I say!"

I will get into the more in the other acts of life,
the scenes of life, later.

I have met, married men, who didn't tell me there
were married. I have met married men who told me
they were married and seeking friends.

I say: "I think one calls those friends with benefits, se'".

Men have contacted me who have been running ads,
who are seeking a roll over=hook-up. A man who lives
in Utah contacted me. Maybe he is seeking a third wife,
which is not in marriage, THE THIRD MARRIAGE. But a
third women to add to the other two, OR THREE OR FOUR.

I have been contacted by 24-38 year olds,
who think my picture is hot, even though
it is a g-rated face shot.

In my ad it states:
"I am seeking men 48-58." Instead, I get
really young guys, who have fancies about
older women thrill-seeking adventures.

There is nothing wrong with an older women
dating younger men, but will it last.

How long is the distance between love and death,
love and commitment, love and lies, love and secrets,
love and me and you?

This leads me with the idea there are players in every field,
(I know not very original, but it is how I feel!).
And for every player, come wonderful individuals
who have become my friends!

Maybe even a husband or two or three?
Only kidding....................?

More to come......…!

*this work is fictionlized.