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Josephine Lipuma is a Sicilian/ mixed-up American New Media/VR Installation Artist/ Performance Artist/Writer. Living a short path to Lake Michigan, Josephine began treading artistic waters growing up on the West Side of Chicago, Illinois in the area now known as Riverwest. At her childhood home on Peoria street, she saw the cinder piles of her industrial childhood, ashes immersed into the fabric of her work today. Josephine is the founder of Responsive Vision & is part of the (evl) Electronic Visualization Lab community at
UIC : Chicago, IL. USA.

She was recently awarded a 2004 artist residency at Association House in Chicago,IL to produce a surreal rock video with 70 of their summer youth participants. It was based on her poem: if I knew about love.

eternal joy: no words, an experimental video short was Inducted Into the Permanent Collection of the Russian Center for Contemporary Art. This piece was part of the OUTVIDEO NET Igrek CINEMA festival: International video_art festival in public spaces Ekaterinburg, Russia in June 2004. The festival public screenings happened on the outdoor video screens network of Igrek Cinema company.

frammenti :: love damnation/redemption, an interactive work in progress was recently exhibited in a group show at the Center for VR in the Arts of the University of Illinois at Chicago, in May 2004.

Her short film, Love Fragments was recently exhibited at Peter Jones Gallery, Chicago, IL, in October 2003. Love Fragments is a part of her on going immersive responsive video installation: frammenti :: love damnation/redemption. She was awarded a 2003 Roin Family Scholarship to help finance that project in conjunction with the additional assistance from (Electronic Visualization Lab) University of Illinois at Chicago.

Her virtual reality piece Through the Looking Glass of Josephine LiPuma. was permanently installed at the Ars Electroncia Museum in Linz, Austria & was featured during the Ars Electroncia Festival in September: 2001 as part of curator Dan Sandin's EVL: Alive on the Grid , a collection of virtual art world's. Her VR work has been shown at The University at Buffalo's (CUNY, NY) Digital Frontier: The Buffalo Summit, November: 2001; Alternate Currents show for Chicago's Artists Month, October: 2001; & at Northwestern University's Symposium on Immersive Artistic Environments in May 2001.

Her VR works, among others were featured on WTTW, a Chicago PBS station, on
21st Century Cave Art: Artbeat Chicago 2003.
Source: wttw.com/artbeat/
“Ever wonder what it might be like to walk inside a work of art. Well, Artbeat Chicago's Victoria Lautman does just that at the University of Illinois at Chicago's Electronic Visualization Lab. Artists and engineers collaborated to create three dimensional virtual environments that a viewer can navigate and explore, as well as help to create. This is one amazing place that suggests the revolution of video games was only the tip of the iceberg. The Electronic Visualization Laboratory, University of Illinois at Chicago.” This slice about EVL is a favorite of the station they rerun it frequently.

She collaborated in the summer of 2003 on the technology-based project P_O_V: Point of VIew project of Association House, which combined new media/digital video, combined with community knowledge. She collaborated in the summer of 2002 on the technology-based project Transmigration: Momento/Documento project of Association House, which combined new media/digital video. Her partner in this project was Columbian filmmaker Andres Duque, who currently resides in New York City.

As an educator Josephine has taught for the De Paul University Community Technology Center, Columbia College, Community Office Of Arts Partnership: Chicago, International Academy of Design, Gallery 37 Neighborhoods Program, & is currently teaching new media arts at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She has lectured at the Chicago Cultural Center, The Art Institute Of Chicago, Triton College, and Truman College of Chicago.

She has been consistently awarded artist-in-residence's throughout her career; her most recent & ongoing residency is with Association House, Chicago, IL. She has been an artist-in-resident for the Near North Arts Council, Chicago Historical Society, the Adler Planetarium, the Field Museum, Lincoln Park Zoological Gardens, the Garfield Conservatory, & The Friends of the Parks. She was an Artist-In-Residence of Chicago (juried) for two years in succession, an accolade that enabled her to create public artworks for Chicago City agencies, and the Chicago Park District. Her artworks are in the Chicago 1% for Art Collection, as well. She won the President’s Purchase Prize in 1999 at Columbia College. Her digital prints are in the Fuji Collection in Tokyo, Japan. She is in many international and private collections. The Peter Jones Gallery in Chicago, IL & Santa Fe, Arizona represents her. Josephine has been the recipient of The City of Chicago Dept. of Cultural Affairs Artists Completion Grant.

osephine has been a featured Performance Poet/Artist throughout the City of Chicago, the Chicago Public Libraries, Columbia College, and the Midwest & Vancouver, BC. Her theatre performance group The Naughty Goddess Review has been featured at the Bucktown Arts Theatre Festival, Chicago, IL. Her poetic voice sings out at Weeds, in Chicago, IL, on some Monday nights
In true American form, she is a woman whose spirit cannot be contained.
Guess what,the Chi_town poets are fighting each other (AGAIN) to be rickie nelson rockie star heads, as in rocks in the head or rocks in the ass, instead of the media artists. But it is
all the same, no matter what discipline you practice, maybe except for spanking?

Go Figure?



dear ms bloger::

I cannot believe my last post was in July, sometime. I am very sorry blog, about that.

A lot has happen, my parents had to be movied from a small country town to an urban city, big life and more LiPuma's. My Brother M, and my brother-in-law J loaded the truck up and drive them and their stuff down to the city. My sister, L and her husband E closed up the their country house, which was at least a four hour drive one-way for the last 30 years.

After a few weeks it is finally hitting my parents why we had to move them from their country existence.
My dad cannot drive anymore, he told my younger sister, he used to drive a taxi when he wsas young, but now at
82 we think he might drive away and not remember how to get back. Sort of like Alice Through the Looking Glass,
only it would be called Santo Drives Through the Lookng Glass & Runs Over the Rabbit. Santo wanted to know where my sisters car was parked and where her car keys were?

I think the rabbit stole them......
Good Answer, UGH?

My mother is thinner and my dad lighter in wieght as well, but they are still here.
Cooking and fighting with each other sometimes, but I don't think they mine. It keeps the pace of life
fuelin', cookin', & livin'.

My brother-in-law for the moment is living his life with my sister free from a round of cancer treatments,
once more. The Lord has blessed them with another crack at life for the next 2.50 months).

My brothers wife
is doing much better, as well.

And then there's me, I am alone. I have had a few husbands in my life, I think I don't
want another one for a long while. Two is plennty, I will let the younger people collect spouses for a while.
I am done with marriage, maybe companionship, that is about it. At this age, I might turn ito a temporary player if there is such a thing? Is there?

oh well have to go now blog..