dear ms bloger::

I cannot believe my last post was in July, sometime. I am very sorry blog, about that.

A lot has happen, my parents had to be movied from a small country town to an urban city, big life and more LiPuma's. My Brother M, and my brother-in-law J loaded the truck up and drive them and their stuff down to the city. My sister, L and her husband E closed up the their country house, which was at least a four hour drive one-way for the last 30 years.

After a few weeks it is finally hitting my parents why we had to move them from their country existence.
My dad cannot drive anymore, he told my younger sister, he used to drive a taxi when he wsas young, but now at
82 we think he might drive away and not remember how to get back. Sort of like Alice Through the Looking Glass,
only it would be called Santo Drives Through the Lookng Glass & Runs Over the Rabbit. Santo wanted to know where my sisters car was parked and where her car keys were?

I think the rabbit stole them......
Good Answer, UGH?

My mother is thinner and my dad lighter in wieght as well, but they are still here.
Cooking and fighting with each other sometimes, but I don't think they mine. It keeps the pace of life
fuelin', cookin', & livin'.

My brother-in-law for the moment is living his life with my sister free from a round of cancer treatments,
once more. The Lord has blessed them with another crack at life for the next 2.50 months).

My brothers wife
is doing much better, as well.

And then there's me, I am alone. I have had a few husbands in my life, I think I don't
want another one for a long while. Two is plennty, I will let the younger people collect spouses for a while.
I am done with marriage, maybe companionship, that is about it. At this age, I might turn ito a temporary player if there is such a thing? Is there?

oh well have to go now blog..


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