I am finding it harder too write lately, but I think it is because I am in a tunnel that is not a tunnel of love.
It is a tunnel of buckets with everything in my life, past, present and future thrown at me in some chaotic order.
Now this order can be made by me, or made by god/goddess which every you prefer.

Or perhaps you might believe you are god or the goddess, the god or goddess of what?
I ask you each so politely.

I was reading in the local chi_rag New City about a women who wrote an online blog which is being made into a book. She wrote the blog without wanting it to be a book, or novel or whatever. How post modern, what bull?

So now, it is blog attack time.

What is the world about, if you ask me, or don't ask me I don't real know,
it you don't will you tell me: pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I was at an art opening this last friday, it was a wino or winer scene, I guess it depends who you are, and what is your
viewpoint on over the hill men and other human beings drinkin' the night and drinkin' away.

They just don't get it, or do they, are you wondering who they is?
Well if your reading this is might be you?

oh well: long live life...that's, if you value it, life that is?

Josephine LIpuma all rights reserved 2004