past loves stitches leave me
trials of themselves around heart aches
love for one only

Josephine Lipuma 2008


You Would Think After All These Years
I Would Smarten Up?

As my younger friends say: "?".
Do I buy
into redeemed love.
What is redeemed love,
I ask myself?

“Do I have a pumpkin
on my shoulders?.”

That quote comes from one of my ex’s.

I used to butcher the quote and say:
"You think I have a pumpkin on my head?"
My ex, he was wise, sometimes .
But his quote makes me wonder,
who is the pumpkin head?
Choices are life’s fabric,
the id patchwork?

Idiot is maybe a better word choice, you think?

Who is picking idiots,
or is that rotten pumpkins?
Shrinks say we repeat patterns.
And they become patches of ones love matches
(Think how Frankenstein’s mate was made?).

Just once! ONCE, ONCE!
I would like to understand the meaning of life.
Woody Allen said : “Their is no meaning of life.”
After he tried to find the meaning of life through his films.

Maybe I will run off with a young buck?

Oh dear!

Got any pumpkin patches to plant,
or weed
or sow?

Cheers: Josephine



Q: Enduring love, what is it to me?

Q: What makes a life/love enduring in the long haul?

A: For me,
I guess it is faith in my own internal voice,
my own long haul.

it really does not have any correlation
to paired-up couple kingdoms.

For me, enduring means
I make sacrifices for love,
to prove
I am worthy
unworthy of love.

I have to remember,
one always mourns,
lost deep love.

SO: before I throw love away,
I better know
what I am going to lose.

(Maybe it was my lost year,
I wonder,
how about you?)


Josephine Lipuma's work is shown in two screenings in Chicago......



in Chicago at:

The Galaxie at 2603 W. Barry Ave.¨ August 24th


Organized by Nicole Wood Thanks to Dubi Kaufmann

doc films at ¨The University of Chicago located at
--1212 E. 59th St.

August 25th


Organized by Kyle Westphal,.
Thanks to Dubi Kaufmann and Josephine Lipuma

59 Seconds Video Festival introduces 59 videos, 59
seconds each: a collection, chosen by audiences in
USA, Austria, Australia, Germany, Poland, Czech
Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Australia, Israel, Brazil,
Argentina and Spain. Mini documentary, political
satire, tragedy, comedy; metaphorical, narrative,
experimental, edgy, controversial, creative and
thought provoking works, including a unique collection
of videos that integrate number 59.


he's back?

He's back

I wonder why?

You think it is love?


I am runnning

as fast




toward him!


from him as fast as I can....&...?

cheers: pooky