Q: Enduring love, what is it to me?

Q: What makes a life/love enduring in the long haul?

A: For me,
I guess it is faith in my own internal voice,
my own long haul.

it really does not have any correlation
to paired-up couple kingdoms.

For me, enduring means
I make sacrifices for love,
to prove
I am worthy
unworthy of love.

I have to remember,
one always mourns,
lost deep love.

SO: before I throw love away,
I better know
what I am going to lose.

(Maybe it was my lost year,
I wonder,
how about you?)


Blogger bobbieT said...

Enduring Love is faith,
Faith is life
Life is joy
Joy is Josphine
Josephine is the beginning
The beginning is eternal
Eternal is the quest
The quest is love
love is faith
faith is joy
joy is josephine
josephine is the beginning
josephine is the end
josephine is the endless beginning
josephine is beginningless time
josephine is eternal
josephine is joy
josephine is faith
josephine is eternal love
eternal love is faith

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