Josephine Lipuma does TriBeCa NYC in 59 seconds
video still from thr film colorant
Josephine Lipuma exhibits her film, Colorant,
at the second screening of the 59 Seconds Film/Video Festival


Title of Film: Colorant

Date/ Director/Producer : 2005/Josephine Lipuma

Original Format/Viewing Format: Mini-dvd NTSC
Genre/Credits: Experimental Societal Short/

Josephine Lipuma/concept/editor
Sound Designer: Josephine Lipuma

Synopsis: Colorant is a short dealing with bias using color/shape/form & other beautiful metaphors. Bias comes in different forms. The filmmaker Josephine Lipuma confronts the inner bias in all of us. Through image processing/colorization/visual effects/sound & tight editing of public domain footage, she reconfigures, "Birth of a Nation", and other public domain footage. She guides the viewer from pretty into his or her own internal voice to confront bias.


Anonymous William said...

I would applaud, but alas, in this electronic forest we all find ourselves wandering in and out of, does the resonances of hands placed together truly overcome the sounds of silence?

9:13 AM  

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