6:30 in the evening July 3rd, 2004

cries to hand

he sang to me

laying pebbles

carved on

sunken hearthstones

weeds engaging pebbles

as if

it was

so natural

leaf to rock

rock to flint

scattered remains

flint speaks

rock sings

burnt leaves

death visits me

once in while

letting me know

he can be alive

wasting away

right next to me

what a chance

to collect a soul

death expands

his breathe

I curse at God

“Just give me one more thing to handle.

I will combust”

I am polished stones

crushing into each other

rock to dust to flint

death kneels down

laying pebbles


one by one

crocheting webs

in a circle around me

I let him

spiders dance

spiders mate

I grow new legs

running laughing

“Catch me if you can

you son of a bitch.”

Josephine LiPuma
all rights reserved 2004


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