Pearl Garden 2004

1 o’clock in the afternoon

Sunday in the Pearl Garden

November 23rd, 2005
In an enormous
feather bed

I was
swallowed up

"Join me in the Pearl Garden": he says

Magnolia trees bloom
their aromas
on floor:
screams stuck
on ceiling
mounting each other
on walls:
soul glyphs,
we are blasted
which way.

'Join me in the Pearl Garden": I say

"It's those DNA genes",
BIO_scientists proclaimed

"I want to get into his genes",
I exclaimed

After saying GOODBYE

To reproduction
I wanted
to be the mother
of his children

I say to myself:
"WOMEN are you smellin’ fumes?"

Rising to his feet
He reaches for my left hand

Hummingbirds encircle us
freshwater pearls:

"Join me in the Pearl Garden":
we say to each other

December 5th, 2004
Sitting in the corner
An empty unstuffed chair
is crying,
saltwater pearls

I wander
in the Pearl Garden:

It is Sunday Afternoon

Flowers chime:
Join me in the Pearl Garden:

It is now December 16th, 2005
stars shine, souls sing:
"I am lonely
for you, baby,
only for you,
only for you."

Josephine Lipuma
All rights reserved


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