Up until now:

I have refrained

from posting anything,

as so daring

as my search

for the one


the only.

You would think

after all these years,

I would just forget it,

and move on with my life.

I keep wondering?

Why my search continues?

I am like every human being

coupling fever has got me.


What are the fever conditions?

Went to the LOVE Doctor!

Got a script!

He was very detailed

about my recovering cure,

from searching.

I recovered immediately.

He was a great Doctor

with the skill

he had,

but the script

he wrote only

was for 3 weeks,

ok maybe longer,

if I can get back

to the Doc.

The anaylsis was very simple,

it was amor sick

icky ness

(and yes I made up the last word).

Low grade fevers

seized me,

They kept

running through

my body,

they flowed

in &

out of

my skin surface,

into, spirit.

The prescription

is simple

the cure

hard to overcome.

Trickster Rabbit

is at it again!

Fools we humans,


for love.

Oh well?

Josephine LiPuma all rights reserved 2004


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey LiPuma,
I'm a pharmacist if you ever need that script filled. LOL.
d. saladino

11:57 PM  
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