If I only had a Brain
To Erwin: 1_12_2004

The scarecrow shouts:
"If I only had a brain"
He went on further:
"If I only had a brain
I remember this refrain very well"

Then Dorothy hit a high note:
"If I only had a brain
If it is radiated fully,
I will not have a brain
Maybe part of it
Or none of it
So I am told"

Her red shoes clicking on my chest
Dancing like the devil who
Just make a deal
For me to be a tech rock star

The lion got in on it, he sings out:
"I could go blind
I could go limp
In any limb
I could become an invalid"

Erwin sings out:
"So this is the choice
I must make by myself
Do I have a choice?
About where the big C goes?
do I have a choice?"

tiamo: Erwin

Josephine Lipuma all rights reserved 2004


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