Josephine Lipuma

I am veiled
waiting for my beloved

for my dove/my love

rivers went out from Eden
to water our rose garden

It is May of a previous year
It is Sunday in the Rose Garden

Our river spreads
toward our sides

Eden has communication
With it
a complete union

Strolling through life paths

which is either above or below

tempest sings to me:
it is the path no bird of prey knows

sun drenched sparrows sing to me:
it is the path no panther knows

moon shines upon me:
it is the path I have known

love sings to me:
join me in the rose garden

in a stuffed chair
my lover sat
swallowing me up

My love

My dove

My strong one

My precious one

I want Magnolia trees
to blanket us
with aroma’s

it is night/it is right

screams stuck on ceilings

I do not want to separate

On skywalls cling all soul glyphs

Join me in the rose garden
they say

when the sun comes

when the sun goes

it’s those DNA genes
bio_scientists proclaimed

I want to get into his gene’s
I exclaimed

After saying goodbye to reproduction
I wanted
to be the mother of his children

I say to myself
women are you smellin’ fumes

Rising to our feet

my love reached for my hand

hummingbirds encircle us

Join me in the rose garden
We say to each other

Blessings are given
to all who exist
who will exist
& who have existed
throughout the all worlds

the upper and lower realms are sacred

May: a later year

I wander in the rose garden

Clocks chime

Join me in the rose garden

Josephine Lipuma all right reserved 2004


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