(as written by---C. J. Laity)

Apparently the poet we have all known (and some of us have loved) as J. J. Jameson came to Chicago twenty years ago after busting out of prison! According to police, J. J. Jameson's real name is Norman Porter, who was number one on the Massachusetts' most wanted list for escaping from jail in 1985. After discovering Jameson's fingerprints matched those of the murderer, the FBI did an internet search and, guess what, found out that Jameson was ChicagoPoetry.com's poet of the month. Porter (aka Jameson) escaped from the Norfolk Pre-Release Center twenty years ago, where he was serving two life sentences for shooting a store clerk in the back of the head with a shotgun. While awaiting trial for that, he escaped the Middlesex Jail by killing the superintendent with a gun he had smuggled in. Jameson was arrested in 1993 in Chicago for an unknown crime, and it took the police this long to match his fingerprints to those of the notorious murderer. The poet known as J. J. Jameson has been arrested at the Unitarian Church where he's been a leader for several years.

"I've had a good 20 years," the ill-healthed poet we knew as J. J. Jameson was quoted as saying upon his arrest.

my comments (Josephine Lipuma's) on jj:

Well, I have known J. J. Jameson for about 10-15 years, the urban legend was a certain unnamed publisher founded him homeless and helped him get back on his feet. I guess it was from running from the poLICE, his feet were tired, screaming.

I have read with J. J. many times, and to tell you the truth and only the truth, I thought the only murders he might do were with radishs or some kind of vegetables.

J. J. would tell me: "Josephine, your poetry doesn't read well on the page!"

I say: "through the wonder of the poetry or the cover of poetry, J. J. went straight for 20 years!
(think about that one, for while!)."

Well, were ever you (J. J.) are your poetry will read very well as a movie or perhaps on the back of an orange shirt, I can see this one not walking away!

This is a very well written plot, don't you agree?


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