Time Weaver II .....
a revisit to this poem,
let's say a rewrite: "AGAIN!"

weave time
with twine memories

once there’s youth
twice there’s midlife

and then:
I peer down
rusty gun barrels
life’s furious gunpowder

do I worry
if it will shoot

hold me tight
I am an ACE Bandage
running between shots

memories combust
one after another
patterning my heart
with sweet thorns

hell, the thorns
were forbidden lust

I hear your heartbeat
wide as my grin

your sweat dripping
crystal bell cries
falling soft
shooting moons
tucked away
in my frilly carpenters shirt

through your
hard oak
I become soft pine
into desire

Josephine LiPuma
all rights reserved 2005


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